How it Works

Our virtual showroom is OEM agnostic ‎and enables any participating car manufacturer on our Hub to display new car models to the CarBoss community. A payment gateway exist for those who wish to pay directly for the cars listed in our virtual showroom. Great discounts also exist as an incentive for using this sales channel.

Buying a car comes with huge responsibilities. Our Book & Pay for service appointment is geared towards promoting a culture of maintenance thereby improving the life-span and second hand value of Nigerian cars. We expose state-of-the-art professional service centres to the CarBoss community. At the click of a mouse, service appointments such as car wash, car scanning/diagnostics, lube change, wheels balancing/alignment e.t.c can be booked and paid for from the comfort of homes and offices.

With CarBoss ‎Virtual Diagnosis, car owners are able to run basic diagnosis to understand and troubleshoot car problems. CarBoss makes it possible to interprete Pcodes, as well as provide explanations on symptoms observed in major car components such as engine, transmission, brake e.t.c. And, should they require further help, car owners can connect real time with a certified buddy mechanic via our online chat service or Q&A support channel.

An extensive AutoCare content Library‎ has been developed in the form of subscription services at an affordable rate. Any member of the CarBoss community can subscribe to these handy nuggets which are delivered using SMS, email and twitter channels. Content is received on the go whilst content history is available within each customer dashboard.

As a one stop portal for car solutions, our News & Alerts Service‎ is primed to disseminate breaking news on car design/models, traffic news, travel condition, general autocare and safety tips using a combination of text, image and video links.

CarBoss brings peace of mind and guarantees value for money spent because our community of car owners/users can now conveniently buy genuine spares, buy vehicle insurance, buy car accessories (tyres, batteries, scanners) and oil service kits at great prices from a network of trusted OEMs and service providers. To reward patronage, each CarBoss community member is rewarded with loyalty points for all purchases on the CarBoss portal.

CarBoss Emergency and Recover service is designed to come to the aid of those requiring road side assistance such as breakdown, battery trouble, overheating and other forms of inconveniences that may leave our community members stranded on the road.

  • {News} French car maker unveils $2.6m Bugatti Chiron, world's fastest car @ 420 km/hr.
  • {Alert} Did you know fuel serves as coolant for fuel pumps? Avoid driving on near empty tank before refuelling.
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