Who We Are

CarBoss is Nigeria's premier provider of an innovative car portal solution that enables car users/owners subscribe to daily autocare tips, buy insurance cover electronically, buy genuine spares, buy oil service kit, diagnose car faults onlineā€Ž and access a virtual garage to chat with certified mechanics 24/7.

Why CarBoss

Nigerian car owners seem to struggle with making the much needed transition to having their cars serviced/maintained in well equipped service centres as against the popular road side service offered by "traditional" mechanics who are illequipped when it comes to handling advance technologies in most modern cars.

Lack of genuine spares, proliferation of fake vehicle insurance and outright lack of awareness by car owners on the importance of having valid insurance cover are blind spots that we have identified. But through the use of technology, CarBoss concept seeks to tackle those blind spots in a win-win scenario for car owners and other ecosystem players.

Car breakdown is a common sight on our roads. It is embarassing, often comes with frustration and lots of stress. Most car owners who are not technically savvy are at a loss on whom to call when they get stranded in traffic. Well, not any more! CarBoss is committed to a culture of maintenance and improved autocare awareness. But, when all fails, we provide quick online tools, chat access to our online mechanics or our recovery crew comes to your aid with our roadside assistance service.

  • {News} French car maker unveils $2.6m Bugatti Chiron, world's fastest car @ 420 km/hr.
  • {Alert} Did you know fuel serves as coolant for fuel pumps? Avoid driving on near empty tank before refuelling.
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